Our Story


After years of figuring out the video and streaming world, I decided to bring video entertainment to you.

I have always been into live cams and streams from around the world. and I was fascinated about how movie sites started and how people were actually building these websites that streamed different things such as webcams.


I came across the Ravens came live stream and was amazed to find what this man was doing. The Raven was actually standing out in Hurricane Charlie filming the whole thing in endangering his life just to entertain you. 

So I contacted him and we had been best friends since then. Only then did I start kinda following the things he did but in a different way by going around the internet finding cool live streams of webcams and events and even posting the Ravens stuff on my own site. 

The Raven has a few sites up and has been around from the start of Live Streams. You can check his site below.

My Mission and Values

Well, my mission is to post as much up-to-date entertainment as many Videos, Live Cams, some good creative commons Classic Movies, and much more to make this site as fun as I can. I’m don’t not the big guys but we don’t need to be the big guys to entertain other people that like this kind of stuff. My value is to enjoy life and keep on having fun and finding new cool things from around the world. 🙂

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